How often do we take the time to think about and appreciate all the good that happens around us? I was sitting in my performance review with my manager and the question of what went right this year came up. Although I knew this would be part of the review and had a few points to discuss, I didn’t really take the time to think about it too much and focused so much more on the all the things that went wrong. It’s so easy to get stuck in the negativity around us and rarely do we show gratitude for all the good stuff. As an attempt to get myself committed to showing more gratitude, I will be sharing a few positive things that made me happy each week. I hope this inspires you to do the same and together we can motivate each other to say positive :)

This week i’m grateful for the warm weather we’ve been blessed with here in Toronto. It’s already December and it feels like 6 degrees in the city! Praying it stays this warm until the end of the month for my birthday :) I was also in Vancouver to visit my sister a couple of weeks ago to celebrate her engagement and looking back on the photos makes so happy and excited for her big day next year! Nelson the Seagull was one of the best coffee shop experiences i’ve ever had and i’m so happy I picked up a little tote bag as a souvenir. We also went to Medina Cafe  and were lucky enough to get a table for our family within 10 mins (people typically queue for about an hour to get in). I got the avocado on toast which was delicious and they gave us the cutest box of matches after finishing up. My husband and I really enjoyed the city. There are breathtaking mountain views visible everywhere with amazing food at every corner, shopping and coffee. There’s just something so calming about that place—we can’t wait to go back. I have so many beautiful memories to share that i might do a whole post about it. Thats all for this week friends. Have an amazing Sunday and great week ahead!


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