City of dreams

What is it about New York that makes you never want to stop exploring? I find myself walking for hours without noticing until my legs suddenly collapse. Shops to cafes and musicals to dinners —the bustle of the city is unlike anything else I have ever experienced. I think that’s why I keep coming back here. Everywhere you look, people are chasing their dreams and seizing every moment. It really helped put things into perspective for me. I know I have been taking it too easy and not pushing myself as much as I should in pursuing this dream of mine. I have to remind myself not to quit when things get tough or complicated and stay focused on the end goal.

Aside from the sense of optimism I feel when I’m here, I truly have a great time each visit. This time around, we went to see the Lion King (incredible!), walked the High Line, took a stroll through Central Park, visited a few of my favourite shops in Soho/West Village and had some of the best meals and coffee ever (blue bottle, so good!). 

We didn’t take many photos this time around, but here are few I snapped along with two instax film scans.

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Modest Elegance – Fashion Inspiration

The philosophy of being as simple as possible and dressing modestly is something i’ve always been drawn to and followed. I never felt comfortable wearing overly tight fitting dresses or showing too much skin. Although my friends looked amazing in them, they didn’t really resonate with me. As a teen and in my early 20’s, I used to think I didn’t have the confidence to wear clothing like that —now an adult, i’ve come to realize that it had nothing to do with my confidence but that I was defining my personal style.

I think about my mother, who never purchased a single dress from a department store, always bought her own fabric and would have the most beautiful long flowing dresses made for her in stunning textiles. What she wanted to wear wasn’t available to her so she made her own. She wasn’t doing it be more socially responsible or to instil sustainable fashion values in me (although indirectly she was doing just that). It did however, teach me to look at the way I thought about clothing differently, pay attention to brands more, look at the details of the fabric closely and have a much more open mind toward the way I think about my clothing choices —what’s on trend and considered fashionable may not always work for me and that’s okay.

When I came across these images on pinterest, I remembered my mother, her flowing colourful dresses and classy style. I felt inspired to do the same and am currently in the process of designing a few looks for myself this summer, one similar to the dress in photo no.3.

What’s your personal style story? Please share below, i’d love to hear all about it :)

*images via pinterest

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Monica and Natalia

I had the pleasure of photographing Monica and her sister Natalia for a casual family portrait session at the beaches here in Toronto. Aside from the unbearable heat at times, it was a lovely day with a perfect mix of sunshine and cool breeze. To our surprise, there were hardly any people on the beach which was great for posing naturally and running around to do their multiple outfit changes. It was hard narrowing my selection down to just five images, but here are my favourites. 

P.S I also did a session with my colleague Nikki on the same day and will be sharing those soon.  xx